Gaslighting Recovery for Women with Dr. Amelia Kelley

Dr. Amelia Kelley is back! You may remember her from the popular episode about being a highly sensitive person (HSP), strategies for self-care, and how being an HSP can affect relationships. This time, we are talking about healing from gaslighting. In fact, Dr. Kelley has a new book/workbook called, “Gaslighting Recovery for Women.”  She shares some of the book’s insights in this episode.

We talk about how to recover from gaslighting, including the importance of understanding it, and then, later, some steps toward healing. Dr. Kelley’s passion is to equip women who have experienced gaslighting to understand what happened to them, how to protect themselves from potential gaslighting in the future, and how to understand the nuances between medical, relational, societal, and family gaslighting.

Featured topics include:

  • Gaslighting: what it is, what it isn’t, and where/how it shows up (8:13)
  • The act of lying is not gaslighting (11:27)
  • Tactics of gaslighting used by abusers (14:09)
  • The seven stages of gaslighting (21:56)
  • How gaslighting affects women, specifically (36:11)
  • How do you get out of a relationship where gaslighting is occurring? (40:13)
  • Beginning to heal: It is a time to be inquisitive, not a time to blame or shame yourself and enhance your relationship with Self (56:13)

Learn more about Dr. Amelia Kelly:

Dr. Amelia Kelley is a trauma-informed therapist who has conducted research on the effects of exercise on adult ADHD symptoms as well as the effects of resiliency on PTSD. She is a trained Hypno-therapist, Art therapist, HSP Therapist, EMDR-informed therapist, meditation teacher, as well as a Certified Yoga instructor integrating therapeutic yoga and psychotherapy. She is a trainer, podcaster and writer in the “science-help” field focusing on; women’s issues, empowering survivors of abuse and relationship trauma, Highly Sensitive Persons, motivation, healthy living, and adult ADHD.

Dr. Kelley is an adjunct counseling professor at Yorkville University as well as a nationally recognized relationship expert featured on XM Radio’s Doctor Channel on The Psychiatry Show. She is a coach and trainer for SAS’s Work/Life Program in Cary, NC and a resident trainer for the NC Art Therapy Institute. Her private practice is currently part of the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium at the Kinsey Institute. She is a co-author of What I Wish I Knew: Surviving and Thriving After an Abusive Relationship and a contributing author for the Highly Sensitive Refuge. You can find out more about her work at her website or by following her on Instagram @drameliakelley.

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