“Q & A with Dr. K”

I was once told that the reason I was invited to be on a podcast was not just because of my expert status (in the area of trauma recovery) but because I actually care. That was an enormous compliment and it got me thinking. What sets apart one “expert” from another. Often times it is intention.

My intention, with starting “Q & A with Dr. K” is to have a place for people to receive support from someone who does not see the world as black or white, but instead sees all of the nuances in between. One of my least favorite words is “always” because it is nearly impossible to say “always” about anything. Life is too complex, scary, gorgeous, messy, exciting, confusing and or extraordinary to say “always” about anything.

I can say that I put every effort to deeply consider and care about every question I receive, whether through social media or from a client in my office. I believe there is always more to learn and what we think we know is in never the end of the story. I am grateful to always be a student of my clients and those around me.

Any answers given on Q & A with Dr. K will come with loads of research, a dash of curiosity and the awareness that there is likely much more to keep learning. The most important thing that I hope to offer however is empathy. It is important that I never just be a person offering support simply to inflate my own ego because of everything I know, rather I am motivated by the potential that others will become happier, healthier and more whole because of what they learn.

When I experience empathy for others I can literally feel it in my body. This can sometimes become an achilleas heal and a topic I will certainly explore, how to protect your energy and well-being while still helping the world around you be a better place. When something I have learned can help another person, and I get to share that knowledge, I know that I am living my mission and my truth. I literally experience goosebumps at times when I am in session or supporting someone by teaching them a powerful idea of message that can help them out of a negative situation or empower them to find joy they never imagined possible. This desire to share what I know informs my writing, my counseling and my strong belief in the power of psychoeducation.

So how does it work?

On a weekly basis, or as often as life allows, I will collect any questions, comments or concerns received through my website and social media and spend time finding the most informed answers and ideas to share. I joke often that I am not great at trivia (pretty sure I am not an asset to any team looking to win) because I do not know a little about a lot but I know a lot about a little! Topics I feel passionate about include; mental health, physical and general wellness, living as a highly sensitive person (HSP), surviving trauma, parenting, clinical advice and support for other helping professionals, healthy relationships and how to find all the “selfs”- awareness/love/acceptance/esteem etc.

I am so excited to see what kind of things we will learn together. I will provide answers to questions I receive through Vlog posts @drameliakelley where you can hear first-hand what my thoughts, reflections and ideas are. I will teach new skills and engage you in experientials as often as I can, as well as provide resources where you can learn more about these topics.

As a fellow “questioner” per Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies quiz, I live for this stuff. In fact questioning and finding the answer from trusted sources elevates my self-awareness, and at times makes this crazy uncontrollable world seem a little less overwhelming. I hope as you continue to learn more about the things you care deeply about you will experience the same.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

May you be happy, may you be well and may you be at peace.   

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