Episode 160: Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? with Dr. Amelia Kelley

Dr. Amelia Kelley returns to the show for a deep dive into what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Dr. Kelley is a trauma-informed therapist. She is a trained Art therapist, HSP Therapist, EMDR-informed therapist, meditation teacher, as well as a Certified Yoga instructor.  This episode is near and dear to my heart because I identify as a Highly Sensitive Person. Once I learned what an HSP is and how it affects the way I see the world around me, it was truly eye-opening! We discuss what being an HSP means, strategies for self-care, and how being an HSP can affect relationships. If you identify as an HSP, think you are one or are married to someone who is – this episode is a must-listen.  “Being a Highly Sensitive Person is not something to be changed or hidden. It is an exceptional quality. It’s a superpower.”  Dr. Amelia Kelley Show Highlights Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): what is and how it relates to how your brain processes to the world around you. (4:21) D.O.E.S: Depth of processing, Overarousal, Emotional Intensity, Sensory Sensitivity. (5:12) Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? We discuss the HSP test and various results. (7:28) HSPs can also be High sensation-seeking Persons. (8:10) The challenges and strengths of being an HSP in a relationship. (13:43) Is being an HSP genetic? (21:25) Why HSPs get more out of yoga, therapy, or meditation sessions. (23:25) The highly reactive state of HSPs  – both positive and negative. (24:08) We explore some of the ways HSPs may experience divorce. (27:42) Dr. Kelley’s top 5 self-care strategies for Highly Sensitive People.  (43:21) Some ways HSPs can be affected physically, including hypersensitivity to caffeine. (48:22) Learn more about Dr. Kelley: Dr. Amelia Kelley is a trauma-informed therapist who has conducted research on the effects of exercise on ADHD symptoms as well as the effects of resiliency on PTSD. She is a trained Hypno-therapist, Art therapist, HSP Therapist, EMDR-informed therapist and meditation and Yoga teacher. She is a presenter and writer in the “science-help” field focusing on relationships, Highly Sensitive Persons, trauma, motivation, healthy living, and adult ADHD. She is a guest podcast presenter focusing on women’s issues and coping with the trauma of unhealthy relationships, as well as a coach and trainer for SAS’s Work/Life Program in Cary, NC and a resident trainer for the NC Art Therapy Institute.

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